Announcing Harmari Search Release v3.2

Harmari announces a new release of Harmari Search v3.2.   It contains the following changes:

  • Make/model/year search year by exact year instead of age range
  • Feedback Input for Harmari search results
  • Offerup search results not appearing for All Locations/Categories
  • Help Enterprise users refine search results to show less than 500 results
  • Fix “Export to PDF” file name prefix for non-CL datasources
  • IE 11 Layout and Button Issue
  • Create FAQ page for Letgo
  • Display Date for Associated Ads
  • “Not logged in” popup during multi-source keyword search
  • Collect Letgo Ads for non-car categories throughout USA
  • duplicate transactions being charged, some with different results out
  • Error clicking View Live Link in Forensic view
  • Export to Excel/PDF not working
  • Improvements in data collection and efficiency
  • log Forensic View and Export activity
  • Make ‘Show Reply Button’ work with recent ads
  • Missing gallery view on Ohio ad
  • Module Bug for Enterprise Accounts
  • OfferUp Empty Search Results problem
  • Offerup keyword search broken
  • Phone number not being stored in Export to XLS/PDF
  • Recover ‘trailers by owner’ images as far back as possible
  • Searching by same image in different ads for (Other Ads) button
  • Security updates and patches for website
  • Stored links in DMV reports produce error message

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