Social Media for Law Enforcement

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Recent headlines regarding the shutdown of Geofeedia’s feed from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have forced law enforcement agencies to search for alternatives to provide actionable intelligence from social media.   Web Identity Search Tool (WIST) can help investigators in law enforcement to perform tasks such as timeline extraction, extracting of friends lists, extract items from Buy/Sell Groups and extraction of photos.  Without automated tools such as WIST, the investigator is forced to manually sleuth around to find the information required to sustain an investigation.

Extract Buy/Sell Groups

Facebook Buy/Sell Groups have exploded in the past 2 years as more and more people see it as a place to exchange second-hand goods.  Because of the large marketplace, it has also attracted the criminal element to (a) fence stolen property (b) sell counterfeit or grey-market products and services.  WIST is the only tool that can systematically extract the Buy/Sell Group data into a manageable table compatible with Excel and CSV format that investigators can use to track down criminal and fraudulent activity in these Groups.

Extract Timeline

WIST can extract a long timeline cleanly and quickly into a keyword searchable format.  The “middle strip” of the timeline is shown without the advertising on the right side, is more versatile than dozens of screenshots copy/pasted into a Word document, and includes full like list and full comment threads.  Use it for e-discovery, insurance investigations, criminal activity and more.   WIST extracts a timeline into either PDF, Excel, CSV or HTML archive formats for investigators.  WIST can connect to Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram data sources.

Extract Friends Lists

WIST is the go-to tool for automated extraction of friends lists regardless of whether the target has a public or private friends list.  For a target with a public friends list, WIST will extract the complete list as shown in the Friends tab.  For a target with a private friends list, WIST will extract all friends that have commented on the target’s timeline.  The extraction can as an option download each friend’s profile information as well so that you can search for co-workers in the same company, family members that are in the same cities, or people that happen to be in the same buy/sell group as the target, etc.  There are many possibilities with WIST’s extractions.  Compatible file formats include PDF, Excel, CSV And HTML.  Read More

Scheduled Tasks

WIST can be put on a timer to run once per day to gather the intelligence required for your investigation.  These schedules are useful to track listings that may be posted today but disappear tomorrow, such as stolen property, or terrorism propaganda or fraudulent offers.

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