Investigating Facebook Buy Sell Trade Groups

Recently a flood of activity has emerged regarding the free classifieds marketplaces on Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade Groups.  Thousands of groups have proliferated and it is difficult for loss prevention, or brand protection investigators to contain and monitor these groups for stolen products or counterfeit products.

Facebook groups listed in the New York City area

Facebook buy / sell groups listed in the New York City area

Los Angeles "Pay for less" buy / sell group

Los Angeles “Pay for less” buy / sell group

The interface is rather limited in what can be investigated.  About the only thing that’s available is to hover over the seller’s contact and you can see what else that person is selling.

hover on seller for more details

More details can be found if you hover over the seller’s name

WIST has a powerful capability to quickly and easily download all buy / sell group content for investigation. Recent benchmark tests show that WIST can download 300 posts per minute from a Buy/Sell Group page.  It can help answer critical questions for investigators that are currently lacking in the Facebook interface:

  • Who are the high volume sellers of the group?
  • Are any of the items new condition or new with tag?

Download PDF Export sample (169 pages) of a Facebook buy/ sell group extraction, or try WIST today.