Western state takes a bite out of curbstoning

This western statehas had a most significant impact with combating curbstoning.  Harmari Curbfinder report has helped state enforcement of unlicensed motor vehicle dealers (curbstoners) with 60 cases where more than 6 vehicles were advertised for sale on free classified websites within 12 months.  The average fines imposed on each case were $8,000.  In one instance, an individual was imposed a fine of $45,000 for selling motor vehicles without a license. These enforcement efforts yield a big win for state coffers due to increased sales of used vehicles from licensed dealers who collect and remit sales tax.  It also levels the playing field for those who want to sell motor vehicles to get licensed.  The success in this state is a culmination of careful work in drafting legislation, in working with the motor vehicle enforcement within the jurisdiction, and identifying technologies that can help detect suspicious business activities.

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