VIN Monitoring service for Vehicle Financing agencies

Harmari captures over 1.2 million VINs per month from classified websites such as Craigslist, AutoTrader*.  A classified ad with a VIN that matches one from your financial institution’s portfolio’s loan book can provide valuable clues for when

  • vehicle loan payments suddenly stop and no forwarding information is found
  • vehicle’s registered owner advertises a “lease takeover” ad indicating imminent financial trouble, high mileage, damage or other trouble with the vehicle
  • vehicle location information from GPS units or other data sources stop transmitting
  • reports of cloned vehicles or different vehicles with the same VIN surface elsewhere
  • lienholder information is posted elsewhere regarding the vehicle being towed or stored

VIN data and results are transmitted and reported via a seamless and secure FTP (SFTP) batch processing system on a regular basis.  Rest assured that the confidential financial information is kept secure in our data center.  Secondary criteria can also be useful such as license plate or phone numbers, because over 44,000 “lease takeover” ads are posted online each month.

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craigslist lease takeover ad

* Harmari Search is not affiliated with Craigslist, Autotrader