US court accepts Harmari Search evidence

A Virginia court has accepted evidence on a case involving odometer fraud.  The defendant denied knowingly selling a vehicle with the odometer rolled back, but nevertheless was sentenced to 30 days on a plea bargain.  Quoting from the DMV investigator on the matter:

The victim purchased a vehicle from Craigslist. After a month of having the vehicle, and having some minor work to the vehicle, he obtained a Carfax Report. This is when he was advised of the odometer.  I was able to conduct an Harmari Search on the listing of the vehicle to include the listing of the previous owner before that. So I was able to obtain the listings for the original owner, who sold the vehicle on Craigslist, to the buyer, who then resold the vehicle.  Through my agency’s database I was able to identify and obtain the title work for the history of the vehicle and compare to the Harmari Search findings.
With the Harmari Search [I] was able to prove the odometer had been tampered with by the middle “man”. He would not admit to the tampering, but admitted to buying the car from Craigslist and turn around to sell for profit.

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  1. Richard Underwood

    Can Harmoni find expired Craigslist ads from 2014?

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