Shrink Wednesday 2015

shopliftHarmari Search created Shrink Wednesday as a way to raise awareness of the concerns Loss Prevention professionals have with respect to inventory disappearing off the shelves and distribution centers. Harmari Search provides investigative tools to find and identify missing merchandise being fenced online. Furthermore, Web Identity Search Tool (WIST) allows you to quickly and easily extract Facebook data and link bad actors together. Listed below are various brand new merchandise that has shown up on Craigslist in the past month from 11/1 to 11/24, and the total value of those items:

Merchandise Item Number Average Price Total Value
iphone 6S Plus 208 $700 $145,600
Macbook Pro 152 $1,950 $296,400
Maytag Dryer 212 $250 $53,000
Bike Tag-a-long 44 $70 $3,080
queen mattress 237 $200 $47,400
Tag Heuer Watch 1016 $925 $939,800
Never Summer Snowboard 177 $250 $44,250
Leap Frog Tag 253 $35 $8,855
Coach 190 $85 $16,150
ipad Air 87 $450 $39,150
Xbox One 131 $350 $45,850

We hope that with this very useful and timely data, you have a happy Shrink Wednesday and recover your inventory, or at least find a way to put the bad guys out of business.

You can work backwards from the ads themselves to identify key information on where the items were obtained, how (boost / CP / CNP transactions with stolen CC), and ultimately who is perpetrating the fraud and theft.  Contact us to find out how you can access this data set.


  1. Abe Sellers

    Does Hamari also store pictures of the deleted Craigslist ads?

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