Harmari Search v2.4 released

LTAS Technologies proudly announces its new Harmari Search release 2.4, which contains many exciting new features and a better user experience.

Highlighted changes include:

  • Reduced Delay to Collect Live Craigslist ads
  • Added Custom column layout, industry-specific presets and reporting
  • Added option to turn on horizontal scrolling
  • Added “Sort by Unlicensed” for Contractor compliance reporting within the Custom Columns popup
  • Added single sign on and an Apps window to easily switch classifieds
  • Fixed many AutoTrader GUI bugs
  • Cleaned up false positives on phone numbers and contactAlias names
  • Fixed bugs with Harmari Gallery in AutoTrader search
  • Fixed bug where plus sign not being respected in keyword search
  • 10 digit posting ID copy & paste bug fix
  • Added Map Location to Export to PDF
  • Fixed bug with “new items” checkbox
  • Enhanced 7-digit phone number search
  • Put back some phone numbers
  • Fixed bug with Top10 where the lower price is set but upper price is blank
  • Fixed erroneously extracted Phone numbers from the email address field
  • Fixed bug where Vehicle search does not find an item
  • Fixed bug when Keyword searching multi-word synonyms
  • Added Posted date/Time into Forensic View
  • Add services to KJPS GUI
  • Added dealer category to Top10 reports
  • Fixed Export to PDF not currently working in IE8
  • Added a backup phone number search when using People Search with more than one parameter in Single Search mode



  1. David Mattingly

    Is this the Harmani Search engine that was presented at the FIFEC conference last year? Please forward me some information on how to sign up for it. Thanks!

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