Plus sign and other advanced search features on Harmari

Harmari Search features the power of Boolean logic and other advanced parameters associated with other search engines.

When searching a phrase you might want to consider the + sign to the left of each significant keyword to ensure the results returned must contain those words.  For example, compare the search result for 2011 bmw z3 below

2011 bmw z3 no quotes 2015-11-02_143156with the search result for +2011 +bmw +z3

2011 bmw z3 plus signs entire post2015-11-02_143156secondly, you can adjust the search to only use title.  Due to the competitiveness of the site, Craigslist advertisers are notorious for placing ‘spam’ keywords at the bottom of the ad. The simplest way to eliminate unwanted results is to search title to limit the number of keywords that are matched

2011 bmw z3 plus signs title 2015-11-02_143156Another possibility is to search for “2011 bmw z3” (enclosed in double quotes).   That forces Harmari to return results with only with those words in that exact order without even a space or an extra character off.  Although it didn’t make a difference in that BMW search above, it will make a difference in the scenario below.

Our best advice is use plus signs in place of double quotes whenever possible, because the ordering of the words will affect the results.  Consider below the search for +harley +davidson +2004

harley davidson 2004 plus signsagainst “harley davidson 2004”, where you don’t get the results with 2004 harley davidson in them and you’re also not getting the results when they put something else in between those keywords in the sequence.

harley davidson 2004 double quotesThe only exception to this rule should be if you’re dealing with specific brand names that don’t make sense separately.  Nobody’s going to put “on snap” to describe the Snap On brand.  But that brings me to the next topic of synonyms.

If there’s a different way to spell something out, try entering in those different possibilities.  For example, here’s a search for snapon

snaponand here’s a search for snap on, both are related to the Snap On brand of tools

snap on



    • harmariadmin

      Yes, for example you can use “snap -on” to search for SNAP cards (Food Stamps) for sale, and eliminate unwanted results associated with tools.

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