Export Facebook Timeline to PDF

New in WIST 1.6.2 is the ability to export a Facebook user’s entire Timeline to PDF.  It is the most comprehensive, compact, and fastest way to export large volumes of Facebook content.

export to pdf buttonComprehensive Export

As shown in the screenshot below, the exported PDF contains the profile of the poster, the graphic associated with the post, the text in the post, the complete like list, and the complete fully-expanded comments thread.

FB Timeline Extraction PDF exampleFacebook timeline export full comment thread

Compact Format

Several exported timelines shown in the Windows filesystem.  You can see that even the 872-page export can be ZIPped and emailed, adding extra convenience.

Facebook timeline export PDF file size compact

   Time and Cost-effective

Using WIST to export Timeline has several additional benefits not available to standard scrolling screen capture tools like SnagIt or Fast Stone Capture:

  • no need to manually scroll / refresh Facebook pages
  • no need to click more to expand each comment thread
  • no tying up your screen for hours waiting for a capture to complete
  • no more capture of nuisance banner ads, chat page, or irrelevant content outside of the Timeline