CDR (Call Data Records) help solve property crimes

Law enforcement and private sector have used CDR (Call Data Records) to help solve criminal and fraudulent activity.  CDRs are the records the mobile carrier uses to track where a cellphone’s closest cell tower is, and which direction it is pointing.  This helps investigators to put a particular phone in the same location and time a crime occurred.  But it can’t complete the picture of crime without additional information.  One example of such information is the appearance of an online classified ad, such as a Craigslist ad.  That ad can contain critical information associated with the crime, such as:

For any of these scenarios, Harmari Search provides a free quick look at which phone numbers in a list of up to 100 coincide with Craigslist ads.  Taking CDRs and looking them up in bulk on Craigslist has never been easier.  Just download this Excel template and follows the steps inside.