Avoid obtaining an MLAT in your Facebook investigation

When law enforcement agencies are not located in the United States, it makes things extra difficult to obtain the valuable information in social media sites such as Facebook that are based there.  International law enforcement agencies must complete a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) which allows exchange of information for criminal or public laws.  MLATs are rarely pursued due to the significant time and labor effort in preparing and obtaining them.  Facebook does provide information that is valuable, such as IP addresses to locate specific computers and locations of the suspect, a Neoprint which contains a complete repository of all private messages and private information kept by Facebook, and a Photoprint of all pictures uploaded by the suspect whether private or public.

What Harmari provides through its Search for Craigslist, Autotrader, OfferUp, and WIST for Facebook, is an investigative-focused search that could avoid the need to prepare the dreaded MLAT.  Although it is not a complete set of information that can be found in a Neoprint or a Photoprint, it will extract all public-tagged information such as Timeline posts, friends lists that point back to the suspect, and links to public pictures, tags, comments.  Find out today how LTAS can help you with your international investigation by Contacting us.