$453 Million per year illegal auto recycling marketplace in the USA

Following up on the tremendous success of last year’s curbstoning study, LTAS released new statistics today corresponding to the second-hand auto parts marketplace in the USA. Data was collected from Dec. 1, 2013 – Mar. 1, 2014 for “auto parts – by owner” category, and illegal auto parts vendors were calculated by looking for 10+ parts from the same seller. Duplicate postings from the same seller were removed. Please check out our interactive map to zoom in on your state or city to see how the numbers work out.

Auto parts recyclers map USA

Map of illegal auto parts recyclers in the USA

This study has significant implications for many aspects of the economy

  • estimated sales tax lost by all states is $27 million per year
  • illegal parts recyclers do not respect environmental laws and regulations
  • significant portion of these parts may be associated with auto theft, or insurance fraud

UPDATE: The true numbers are even higher, because this analysis only took into account the “auto parts” section and didn’t include “part outs” under “cars+trucks”.   It is estimated that could bring the total even higher to $617M/year (assuming each parted out car can bring in $10,000 apiece).