New Craigslist Vehicle categories

You probably haven’t noticed, but Craigslist has recently expanded their categories under their “For Sale” section which affects investigators of auto theft, motor vehicle fraud, and law enforcement involved with property crime. Here’s a summary of the changes:

  1. Motorcycle categories has been expanded to include Motorcycle Parts, and whole Motorcycles for sale.  Previously, if someone was looking for a “Harley davidson fender”, he would have to filter out by eyeball all whole Harley Davidson motorcycles to find the part.  Also the shortcut to filter parts only was to put max price = $1000, but no longer.  The Motorcycle parts section makes it clear where to post the ad.
  2. The Heavy Equipment category was recently added.  Previously, items like skid steers, forklifts, and other equipment didn’t really have a home.  People would post under “Business”, “General” or “Farm & Garden”.  But now it has a dedicated category.
  3. The ATV / UTV / Snowmobile category was also recently added.  The previous home for such items was “RVs” but again it was not an appropriate place, so another improvement.

Bear in mind that people still post ads in the wrong categories from time to time, whether by accident or intentionally.  It’s always good to search through the categories, and then follow up with keywords like the make or model to ensure you have not missed anything when searching.