Why reverse phone number lookup doesn’t work

As an investigator, tracking down the name, address that belong to a phone number are critical skills.  The power of the Internet allows us to search for anything!  If you were to reverse-lookup the phone number on a given car ad which was “for sale by owner”, and it came back with different cars for sale, then you’re probably dealing with a curbstoner.  Sometimes you can get lucky and that does happen, like in the screenshot below:

However, other times it isn’t so fortunate, and this is the reason why.  The crafty ones tend to obfuscate their phone numbers by formatting the 10 digits of the phone number in different combinations to avoid getting picked up by this very tactic.  Look at the ad below, and see where the phone number is … <roll the Jeopardy music…>

Give up?  The phone number’s area code is 916.   See how the number 9 is spelled out n-i-n-e?   Even changing the dashes to / or . or ( ) or anything else can potentially throw off such a search.  Now do you still have the same confidence in a keyword-based number search?

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